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# This is an example for IceWM's hotkey definition file.
# Place your variants in /etc/icewm or in $HOME/.icewm
# since modifications to this file will be discarded when you
# (re)install icewm.
# A list of all valid keyboard symbols can be found in
# /usr/include/X11/keysym.h, keysymdefs.h, XF86keysym.h, ...
# You'll have to omit XK_ prefixs and to replace XF86XK_ prefixes by
# XF86. Valid modifiers are Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Meta, Super and Hyper.

# SSARNOBA - this is useful
key "Alt+Ctrl+x"		xterm
key "Alt+Ctrl+f"		fte
key "Alt+Ctrl+e"		nedit
key "Alt+Ctrl+g"		gimp
key "Alt+Ctrl+n"		netscape -noraise -remote openBrowser
key "Alt+Ctrl+b"		netscape -noraise -remote openBookmarks
key "Alt+Ctrl+m"		netscape -noraise -remote openURL(mailto:,new-window) 

key "Alt+Ctrl+KP_Divide"	aumix -v -5		# lower volume
key "Alt+Ctrl+KP_Multiply"	aumix -v +5		# raise volume

# "Multimedia key" bindings for XFree86. Gather the keycodes of your
# advanced function keys by watching the output of the xev command whilest
# pressing those keys and map those symbols by using xmodmap.

key "XF86Standby"		killall -QUIT icewm
key "XF86AudioLowerVolume"	aumix -v -5
key "XF86AudioRaiseVolume"	aumix -v +5
key "XF86AudioMute"		aumix -v 0
key "XF86AudioPlay"		cdplay play 1
key "XF86AudioStop"		cdplay stop
key "XF86HomePage"		netscape -noraise -remote openHomepage
key "XF86Mail"			netscape -noraise -remote openURL(mailto:,new-window) 
key "XF86Search"		netscape -noraise -remote openURL(http://www.google.com/)
key "XF86Eject"			eject
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