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Gender Differences

Of course these are generalizations and there are exceptions to every rule.

behavior men women Manifestation Origin
fine motor skills low high Women have more legible handwriting
taste sensitivity low high Women (and children) prefer sweet foods. That's why women eat a tub of ice cream when they break up.
dietary preferences salty foods sweet foods There are less men who are vegetarian than women because of the high salt content of meat Males used to hunt animals for food. Females would survive on the vegetation near their dwelling.
thought/emotion capability simple complex Women can sense a child's needs with more initiative. Men often accused of being insensitive
display of emotion minimal facial, giggling
eye contact minimal eye contact intimate eye contact
body shape V-shaped Hourglass shaped Females require wider hips to carry unborn foetus
navigational methods by compass directions by landmarks
thinking method mental conversation thinking out loud
color co-ordination low high
body composition more muscle more fat Men have more strength Males needed athletic bodies to hunt and survive
entertainment preferences (watching and participating) sports drama Males hunted for recreation in addition to finding food
sources of pride power relationships Men use facebook to brag about their power, women use Facebook to brag about their relationships
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