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; This file should not be edited above 'customize below here', except
; for the following 6 variables.  Choose one from each pair.  They
; are described below.  None of the variables below have to be set,
; as there are default values in dot-emacs.

; Customization:
; Colors:
;   If you use syntax highlighting, you might want to customize the
;   colors used.  Search for 'default colors' in
;     ~/local/lib/emacs/site-lisp/dot.emacs.el
;   to see how this is done.  The colors can be reset
;   below 'customize below here'.
; Fonts:
;   An easy way to set the default font is: (set-face-font 'default "9x15")
; Formatting c code
;   The following variables should set above (before dot.emacs is loaded).
;   ora-electric-mode, ora-fontify, ora-light-fg
;   ora-electric-mode ["none", "limited", "basic", "all"], default="basic"
;     This determines whether auto indentation is used
;     see oracle-c.el for the implementation
;     "none"/nill: no key binding for C mode
;     "limited": like "none" except that <tab>/<return> are bound using
;                benoit's <tab>/<return> binding
;     "basic": this is the default where almost every key can change the
;              indentation
;     "all": maximum electric automatic identation, a nightmare if you ask
;            me
; (setq ora-electric-mode "basic")
; (setq ora-electric-mode "limited")
(setq ora-electric-mode "all")

;   ora-fontify [nil, "lazy", t], default=nil
;     This determines whether font-lock mode (syntax highlighting)
;     is enabled for c-mode
;     set to nil    -> font-lock-mode disabled
;     set to "lazy" -> font-lock-mode enabled with lazy for big buffers
;     set to t      -> font-lock-mode enabled without lazy
(setq ora-fontify "lazy")
; (setq ora-fontify nil)
; (setq ora-fontify t)
(require 'font-lock) ; enable syntax highlighting

;   ora-ben-backup [nil, t]: t by default
;   This enables automatic backup of files editing by emacs in your
;   $HOME/.old directory (instead of all the ~ files everywhere).
;   Several versions of edited files are kept there such that you can
;   recover. You can write a simple script to cleanup your .old directory
;   such that you keep only the files created in the last month. For example:
;   find $HOME/.old -mtime +30 -exec rm -f {} \;
;   Note that I (benoit) never cleaned my .old file directory and I
;   used only 264MB
(setq ora-ben-backup t)

;   ora-color-scheme [scheme name]
;     Thie sets the color scheme that you can use.  The current values are
;     - dark-on-light (current black foreground and wheat background)
;     - light-on-dark (currently white foreground on black background)
;     - ben-default (currently white foreground on black background,
;                    customized by benoit)
(setq ora-color-scheme "light-on-dark")

;   ora-disable-scrollbar [nil, t], default=nil
;   ora-disable-toolbar [nil, t], default=t
;     This determines whether a scrollbar and toolbar will be
;     diabled (ie, not present)
;     set to t -> disable it
;     set to nil -> don't disable it
(setq ora-disable-scrollbar t)
(setq ora-disable-toolbar t)

;   ora-shell [string : path to shell], default is value of $SHELL.
;     This determines the shell to use.    Unfortunately, tcsh
;     and csh print to stdout when they start (thanks to .ndeprodrc.csh).
;     Also, ksh and bash start up much faster (due to ADE config files).

(setq ora-shell "/bin/tcsh")
; (setq ora-shell "/usr/local/bin/bash")
; (setq ora-shell "/bin/ksh")

;   ora-ade-key-bindings [nil, t], default=nil
;     Adds some extra key bindings for ade commands
(setq ora-ade-key-bindings t)

;   ora-ben-key-bindings [nil, t], default=nil
;     This turns on Benoit's default key bindings.
; (setq ora-ben-key-bindings t)

;   ora-bill-key-bindings [nil, t], default=nil
;     This turns on Bill's default key bindings.  Key bindings are very
;     personal.  You might want to copy the bindings from bill_misc.el
;     to this file and customize them.
(setq ora-bill-key-bindings t)

;   this allows you to set the default font for xemacs
(if (and (> emacs-major-version 19)
         (string-match "XEmacs" emacs-version))
  (set-face-font 'default "7x13"))

; Path for searching libraries
; This will be modified in dot.emacs.el.
; This path must include local/lib/emacs-lib to find dot-emacs
(setq load-path
        (concat (getenv "USER_HOME") "/local/lib/emacs/site-lisp")

; Load default .emacs
;(load-library "dot.emacs")

; Personal customize below here

; Color schemes
;  If you do not like the default color shcemes you have 3 options.
;  1 Copy one of the color schemes from ~/local/lib/emacs/dot.emacs.el
;    to this file, bellow here and edit it.
;  2 Use the edit-faces command under the options menu to modify the colors
;  3 Ask Ari about getting a new color scheme added to the config

;; Calendar/Diary
(autoload 'display-time "time" nil t)

; Disable newline by screen line functionality
(setq next-line-move-newlines t)

;(setq bill-use-idb t)

; This does not seem to work well, turn it off..
(setq find-file-compare-truenames nil)

; Make emacs-merge select B by default
(setq ediff-default-variant `default-B)

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