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Google Reader

Of course, Reader has more than the 10 shortcuts listed above -- you can see them all in this list. Additionally, in some ways, the most important shortcut is not "j", but "?" (that is, shift-/). It shows you a cheat-sheet of all the other shortcuts.

Shift + A

Mozilla Firefox

Action Key Binding Operating System Notes
+ Open multiple URLs in new tabs Ctrl+Alt+x From the addon 'Copy All Urls' 0.8.0
+ Reopen last closed tab Ctrl+Shift+t
+ Open Address in New Tab 1 Alt+Enter/Return
+ Forward Alt+-> Win/Linux
+ Select Location Bar Alt+D Win/Linux
+ Back Alt+<- Win/Linux
+ Decrease Text Size Ctrl+MINUS
+ Increase Text Size Ctrl+PLUS
+ Restore Text Size Ctrl+0
+ Bookmarks Ctrl+B
+ Add Bookmark Ctrl+D
+ Open Link in New Tab Ctrl+Enter/Return
+ History Ctrl+H
+ Web Search Ctrl+K Does't work depending on addons installed. Instead it goes to homepage.
+ New Mail Message 2 Ctrl+M Doesn't work
+ Previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
+ New Tab Ctrl+T
+ Page Source Ctrl+U
+ Close Tab Ctrl+W
+ Select Tab [1 to 9] Ctrl+[1 to 9] Win
+ Complete .com Address 1 Ctrl+Enter Win/Linux
+ Bookmarks Ctrl+I Win
+ Web Search Ctrl+J Linux
+ Downloads Ctrl+J Win
+ Complete .org Address 1 Ctrl+Shift+Enter Win/Linux
+ Next Tab Ctrl+Tab Win/Linux
+ Full Screen F11 Win/Linux
+ Caret Browsing F7
+ Forward Shift+Backspace
Complete .net Address 1 Shift+Enter/Return Too rare to be highlighted
Find As You Type Link '
Find As You Type Text /
Save Link Target As Alt+Enter/Return
Close Window Alt+F4
Home Page Alt+Home
Select Tab [1 to 9] Alt+[1 to 9] Linux
Back Cmd+<- Mac
Back Backspace Win/Linux
Select Tab [1 to 9] Cmd+[1 to 9] Mac
Forward Cmd+-> Mac
Page Info Cmd+I Mac
Downloads Cmd+J Mac
Next Tab Cmd+Opt+Tab Mac
Select All Ctrl+A
Copy Ctrl+C
Select Next Search Engine in Search Bar Ctrl+Down
Find in This Page Ctrl+F
Close Tab Ctrl+F4
Reload (override cache) Ctrl+F5
Find Again Ctrl+G
Select Location Bar Ctrl+L
New Window Ctrl+N
Open File Ctrl+O
Print Ctrl+P
Next Tab Ctrl+PageDown
Previous Tab Ctrl+PageUp
Reload Ctrl+R
Save Page As Ctrl+S
Find Previous Ctrl+Shift+G
Reload (override cache) Ctrl+Shift+R
Close Window Ctrl+Shift+W
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
Select Previous Search Engine in Search Bar Ctrl+Up
Paste Ctrl+V
Cut Ctrl+X
Undo Ctrl+Z
Page Info Ctrl+I Linux
DOM Inspector Ctrl+Shift+I Win/Linux
Downloads Ctrl+Y Linux
Redo Ctrl+Y Win/Linux
Delete Del
Go Down One Line Down
Select Next Auto-Complete entry in text field Down
Go to Bottom of Page End
Open Link Enter/Return
Stop Esc
Help F1 Win/Linux
Find Again F3
Reload F5
Move to Next Frame F6
Go to Top of Page Home
Go Down One Page PageDown
Go Up One Page PageUp
Delete Individual Form Auto-Complete Entry Shift+Del
Open Link in New Window Shift+Enter/Return
Find Previous Shift+F3
Move to Previous Frame Shift+F6
Toggle Checkbox Spacebar
Go Up One Line Up
Select Previous Auto-Complete entry in text field Up

Microsoft Outlook Express

col1 col2
+ ALT+ENTER View properties of a selected message
+ CTRL+< or CTRL+SHIFT+< Go to the previous message in the list
+ CTRL+> or CTRL+SHIFT+> Go to the next message in the list
+ CTRL+I Go to your Inbox
+ CTRL+H Group Related Messages
+ CTRL+J Go to the next unread newsgroup or folder
+ CTRL+SHIFT F Find text
+ CTRL+SHIFT+A Mark all news messages as read
+ CTRL+SHIFT+B Open the Address Book
+ CTRL+SHIFT+F Find a message
+ CTRL+SHIFT+S Insert a signature
+ CTRL+U Go to next unread mail message
+ CTRL+Y Go to a folder
ALT+K Check names
ALT+Left arrow Go to the previous message in the list
ALT+Right arrow Go to the next message in the list
ALT+S Send (post) a message
CTRL+A Select all messages
CTRL+D Delete a mail message
CTRL+ENTER or ALT+S Send (post) a message
CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+Q Mark a message as read
CTRL+F Forward a message
CTRL+G Reply to all (news only)
CTRL+K or ALT+K Check names
CTRL+L Show/hide the folder list
CTRL+M Send and receive e-mail
CTRL+N Open or post a new message
CTRL+O or ENTER Open a selected message
CTRL+P Print the selected message
CTRL+Q Mark a message as read
CTRL+R Reply to message author
CTRL+SHIFT A Mark all news messages as read
CTRL+SHIFT M Download news for offline reading
CTRL+SHIFT S Insert signature
CTRL+SHIFT U Go to next unread news thread
CTRL+SHIFT+M Download news for offline reading
CTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+G (news only) Reply to all
CTRL+SHIFT+U Go to the next unread news conversation
CTRL+T Mark a thread as read
CTRL+TAB Switch among the Edit, Source, and Preview tabs
CTRL+W Go to a newsgroup
DEL or CTRL+D Delete an e-mail message
ENTER Open a selected message
ESC Close a message
F1 Open Help topics
F3 Find text
F5 Refresh news messages and headers
F7 Check spelling
LEFT ARROW or PLUS SIGN (+) Expand a news conversation (show all responses)
RIGHT ARROW or MINUS SIGN (-) Collapse a news conversation (hide messages)
TAB Move between the Folders list (if on), message list, preview pane, and Contacts list (if on).

Microsoft Windows

Useful Shortcut Description
+ Shift-Enter Open in new Explorer window
+ Alt Tab Switch between applications
+ Ctrl c copy text
+ Ctrl v paste text
+ Ctrl a select all
+ Windows-d show desktop (minimize even stubborn windows)
+ Windows-e open Windows Explorer
+ Alt F4 Close window
+ Ctrl w Close file, retain application window
Ctrl-Enter Open file in new window
Alt-Enter View file/folder properties
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