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Master version here:

Rohidekar Family Ancestry

by Shamaji Rohidekar December 30th 2007

There is a place known as Rohidegad (a hill with a fort on it). At the foot of the hill, there is a temple known as Rohideshwar. Two brothers, who were our ancestors, were working as priests of the temple.

Shivaji, the most famous ruler of Maharastra, was only a clan (Mavata) of warriors' Head in about 1560 AD. Shiva, was born in 1627 as the son of Shahaji Bhonsle, a nobleman at the court of Hdil Shah of Bijapur. Our ancestors (the two brothers) used to meet (at Bijapur) Shahaji Bhonsle.

Rohidegad was ruled by Adilshah with an army captain as local Head on the fort.

Shivaji was a great believer in astrology and used to consult our ancestors (priests at Rohideshwar temple) who were highly respected as astrologers. When Shivaji first wanted to start an expedition to set up a Maratha Kingdom, he came to our ancestors to get an auspicious date. They gave hiim one date and also advised him to start his expedition from Rohidegad fort itself. One night Shivaji with the help of 300 Maavala warriors got up the hill different points and attacked the Adilshahi captain by surprise and won the battle and the fort when the Muslim captain of Adilshahi abandoned the fort and ran away. Thus started the first step of establishment of Maratha Kingdom and later empire.

Shivajir's army became bigger and bigger and started conquering more and more forts and places expanding his kingdom which included many forts. The number of Sardars (captains) under him also swelled in numbers quickly.

His Sardars then planned to enthrone Shivaji at Raigad fort. The date for this auspicious occasion was to be fixed. At this point of time, a famous Shastri (priest) from Benaras (Kashi then) came there on a visit. The Sardars consulted him and gave a suitable date and time.

As usual Shivaji came to our ancestor priests and consulted them about the auspicious date which had been suggested by the Benaras efoxpert. They opined that the date given by Benaras Shastri had an ill-omen and a possibility of the death of a near one of Shivaji. Shivaji went and told his Sardars to cancel the date. But the Sardars were adamant and stuck to their decision. Shivaji declined to be enthroned on that day - on the ground that Rohidekar Shastri had been his advisors leading to his success one after the other. The Sardars were in a fix. They hatched a plan to kill our ancestors, who immediately came to know it and decided to quit Rohideshwar secretly. So the two brothers left Rohidekar one night and decided to go - one to Bijapur and another to Hyderabad.

[All this information was conveyed to me in 1937 at Bijapur by a tall Khaditopi wearing Research scholar from Dharwar who had collected the above material from Pune and came to see us at Bijapur to obtain further information.]

We had a lineage drawing sheet in our house, which had been kept in trunk which was stoled by thieves from our Bijapur House built by my father Raghunath Laxman Rohidekar in 1935.

So from my memory I am listing the latest part of our ancestry.

By the time one of our ancestors came to Bijapure the Adilshahi king had transferred Shahaji Bhonsle to Bangalore Fort. So our ancestor took shelter at Rakkasgi Desai's home office at Hungund. During a quarrel between the first and second wife of Desai after his death, our ancestor took the first wife's side and helped her to win the property case in court. Pleased with our ancestors' loyalty, the first wife granted three Inam lands to him (Survey Nos. 19, 22 and 23) at Siddanakolla Village, three miles from the famous historical place Aiholli. During 1947-1950 Land Refors of Bombay state, they were granted to our Ryats (cultivators). We owned a house in Siddan Kolla in which my grandfather's brother Bhim Rao lived. He was unmarried and expired in 1920.

My grandfather, Laxman Venkathesh Rohidekar went to a High School in Pune and during the vacation he had come to Bijapur, when in a casual meeting, the European Collector of Kabadgi Dist. (now Bijapur Dist.) was so much impressed by Laxman's English, he immediately appointed him as Revenue clerk. He rose to become Shivastedar of the district and retired probably in 1900 AD. He expired in 1934 when I was studying for F.Y.A (Now PUC) at Rajaram College Lolhapur.

Another brother, Anand Rao became Nagir at Devarhippari (now in Sindgi Taliik), but expired without children at a very young age of about 25. He married a lady by name Geetavva (Radhabai in our house) from Padaki Family of Muddebihal. My grandfather Laxman Rao (pet name Anna Rao) had married one Renavva who did not beget any issues. So my grandfather married a second time, by name Sitabai from Parvatikar family of Guledguddam in Hungund Taliik. Three sons were born to her - Venkanna, Raghunath and Krishangyii. Venkanna married very early while in school to a young and beautiful girl from the same Padaki family. But Venkanna died very young while studying for Matriculation examination. So, his young wife Rangubai became a child widow who touched her head and lived up to the age of 92 years. I used to give her a pair of red sarees every year till her death.

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